Composite decking boards

Composite decking boards

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A very good company.
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A very nice company.
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Great plastic products, great factory!

Bergdeck is a brand created in Poland by Salag - a leader in the interior design industry, manufacturer of PVC and aluminium skirting boards.

The production of composite decking together with the whole installation and finishing system was developed by a team of specialist engineers, designers. Our company relies on materials from nature. We use the highest quality wood flour in combination with the latest polymer technologies. The whole process of creating a board and checking its parameters and quality takes place in our laboratories. We continuously focus on the development of our product using 20 years of experience in the interior finishing market.

Our offer includes composite wpc boards, comfortable and beautiful terraces with remarkable aesthetics, authorial and simple assembly system.

Our realisations

Take a look at photos of terraces and balconies built with our boards.



Thanks to the latest technology, we have created a board containing the best UV stabilisers and additives. They ensure colour durability, resistance to temperature and moisture. The board will not deform and will keep its original condition.


Composite wood decking can be cleaned easily and effectively with a pressure washer or ordinary brush. They also do not require problematic maintenance and painting!


Barefoot on a terrace in the rain? Go ahead! Thanks to the special, non-slip surface and grooves, the risk of slipping is gone. The splendidly prepared and friendly surface has no splinters and is ideal for children.


Fitting composite decking is extremely easy. Thanks to the Bergdeck assembly system developed by our specialists, laying a terrace is a pleasure.


The Bergdeck plank is distinguished by its appearance. It is available in a stylish brushed option. Two types of grooves - wide and narrow - add character. The choice of side is yours!


Joists, fixing clips, stainless steel screw sets with attached bit. We have also not forgotten about the finishing profiles, quarter rounds, caps and cover strips.

How do we install our boards?

We present the installation systems of our decking boards.

We recommend the patented "Ultrafast" system and two classic systems.

Special CLIPS and other components necessary for installation are available in our store.

System components