Do you dream of a cosy and elegant place to relax, but don't want to spend a fortune on it? Do you like a wooden finish, but are afraid of pests and complicated maintenance? Or are you put off by complex and expensive installation? Here are five simple steps from BergDeck to transform your terrace before the summer so that it looks exactly the way you want it to and serves you reliably for many years.

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Spring is coming. It's the last call to get your garden and patio ready for the holidays. Especially now that our gardens have replaced our favourite holiday destinations, resorts and beaches. Let's make it a place that suits our needs and tastes, where we can spend a pleasant evening or, if necessary, a holiday with a larger group. But what should we invest in to refresh our terrace? Let us give you a hint: the best way is to start at the beginning - by changing the covering.

Step one: choose the material that suits you best

Until recently, the choice on the market for lovers of natural finishes was rather limited. There was a lack of decent alternatives to traditional wood, which with all its advantages, unfortunately, also has many disadvantages. Therefore, with the advent of modern technologies and wood substitutes, it is increasingly being abandoned in favour of more efficient, eco-friendly mixtures. Today, wood decking substitutes provide us with the same quality, but with much higher comfort of use and economy of maintenance. The most popular substitute for wooden decking are composite boards. Composite is a modern raw material obtained from a combination of PVC and natural wood dust obtained from recycling. Composite boards deceptively resemble wood. They retain all its advantages, even perfectly imitating its smell. However, composite boards have the advantage over wood that, thanks to modern technology, they are free of almost all its disadvantages.

Composite - the long-lasting brother of wood. Unlike wood, composite decking is uniform and free of knots and splinters. They have a perfectly smooth surface and each element in the set looks identical. Thanks to the admixture of PVC they are extremely durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations and contrary to wood - they do not rot, decay or swell. They retain not only their shape, but also their deep colour for many years without the need for impregnation. Care itself is extremely cheap and simple: we do not need toxic detergents or complicated maintenance procedures. Just water and ... washing-up liquid are enough.

Ecological and safe - also for children. Another advantage of composite boards is their child-friendliness. European certificates confirm that thanks to rigorous safety rules during production, composite boards do not emit environmentally harmful substances. A composite terrace is also resistant to fungi and lichen, so a child playing on it has no contact with pathogenic microorganisms. The smooth surface with no sharp edges ensures safety without fear of cuts or splinters. The wood dust used to make composite boards is usually recycled, which makes them attractive to those who care about the environment.

Step two: choose a reliable manufacturer

BergDeck - quality and minimalist solutions from a proven brand. When we know what kind of covering will fully meet our needs, it is worth considering the choice of manufacturer. If we are interested in composite decking, it is worth betting on a proven and trustworthy supplier. BergDeck is a brand of a recognizable and trusted company Salag, with over 25 years of experience in the industry. BergDeck composite decking is a guarantee of the highest quality, with a 15-year product guarantee.

Step three: choose the style and colour of your new patio

Rustic, minimalist or your own idea? The foundation of our terrace is the perfect starting point and basis for the subsequent design. It is therefore a good idea to think about the desired effect. If you prefer a warm and cosy environment, look for the natural, deep shades of the new BergDeck decking range, such as chestnut and walnut. All of them are available with a brushed finish, which optically ages the surface and gives it a rustic touch. On the other hand, if we are interested in a minimalistic finish or are not determined on any particular stylistic effect, a good solution will be classic black or the recently fashionable anthracite. This is a safe choice, thanks to which will be a timeless and elegant surface in itself, while providing a neutral background for later styling. Anthracite and black go well with light-coloured furniture, but can also be used as a backdrop for vibrant colours.

Step four: calculate the area and get a quote... in minutes

To get an idea of the cost of our new patio, we don't even have to leave the house. Just use the convenient area calculator available on the BergDeck website, which will allow you to quickly, easily and from your own couch calculate the price of our set in every variant you are interested in. Simply enter the dimensions, choose the shape and colour option. We don't have to wait for the quotation, the calculator will generate it in a few moments.

Step five: choose the installation method

Now all that remains is assembly. And this is not only easy, but also... possible to do on your own. Especially for those who do not want to hire a fitter, BergDeck has developed its own installation system with all the necessary accessories. It contains everything you need: joists, fixing clips, stainless steel screw sets with attached bit. And even finishing profiles, quarter rounds, caps and cover strips. The system is simple and intuitive, and detailed instructions can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website at any time. Thanks to this, we are not dependent on other people's help - anyone who wants to, can easily install their terrace by themselves. How satisfying!

Design a coherently arranged garden space or... a modern and cosy balcony

Once we have the right foundation, it is worth considering adding an impressive fence, path, railing and stairs. Such a coherent composition and setting of our house will completely change its character. We do not have to invest in designer services.

It is worth to know that thanks to grooves on both sides, composite is anti-slip and ensures grip even in the rain. That is why composite boards are also popular for covering stairs and surfaces around swimming pools. This versatile material is also perfect as a fence or a path. We can use it wherever we want.

But what if you don't have your own terrace? Maybe it's worth considering a new balcony arrangement. It's an element of home that's often forgotten, yet it holds enormous potential. Aesthetically and stylishly arranged balcony space is still a rarity. Impressive, warm and wood-smelling flooring has a chance to reclaim this space for us and make it a pleasure to spend time there. The small space of the balcony, as well as the possibility of easy, self-assembly, will allow us, with a small cost and effort, to achieve a thorough and impressive metamorphosis.